Hey there!

You probably found this webpage through a message box on a site we built if you’re using Internet Explorer.

Why don’t you care about me, an innocent Internet Explorer User!?

We do care about you! It’s precisely because we care about you that we want to get you really taken care of, not just put a bandaid on one website at a time. 

Don’t blame us for not supporting Internet Explorer – Microsoft started it when they stopped updating it in 2015! If they had continued updates, you’d be able to see our sites just fine, so we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But they didn’t, so you can’t, and so here we are.

The Good News:

There are lots of excellent browsers nowadays! Here are your options:

Microsoft Edge

If you still trust Microsoft, then why not use the browser they built to replace Internet Explorer? It’s been quite good since it’s release, and it’s been exceptional since a major update in January 2020.

Best for you if: you want the closest experience to Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

This one’s our favorite, and also seems to be the clear favorite among tech professionals. Google updates it very regularly to add usef new features, and it seems to perform better than all others.

Best for you if: you want (in our opinion) the best modern browser

Mozilla Firefox

Over the last few years particularly, Firefox has been putting a lot of effort into strengthening privacy in their browser. It works great, except that it can be a little choppy when showing animations.

Best for you if: you want the browser most committed to privacy

But I’m still not convinced…

Change is hard, but we promise we have good reasons.

Microsoft’s opinion:

Microsoft’s own security chief implores you to switch in this February 2019 blog post: “The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser”

The short version: Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution to let you still use software that doesn’t work on anything else. If you work in a large company/organization that’s been around for a while, you might have to keep using IE for some software like this, but even Microsoft recommends you use a modern browser for everything else.

Other companies’ opinion:

According to this article from October 2019:

Popular websites to officially drop support for IE include Youtube, GitHub, Meetup, Slack, Zendesk, Trello, Atlassian, Discord, Spotify, Behance, Wix, Huddle, WhatsApp, Google Earth, and Yahoo. Even some of Microsoft’s own products, like Teams, have severely reduced support for IE.

Companies far and wide are deciding it’s just not worth the money to continue supporting Internet Explorer. A lot of sites on the internet may have been broken on your browser for a while now, they might just not have been as courteous to tell you about it.

Our opinion:

Internet Explorer hasn’t received a real update since 2015. A ton of useful new technologies have emerged since then, and IE has received none of them. No matter how much effort we put in, we simply don’t have the tools to create experiences for Internet Explorer users that match what we build for modern browsers. 

Internet Explorer is also highly prone to bugs. There are usually many more problems to fix on IE as any other browser, and they take longer to fix, so it’s not a trivial task to guarantee backwards compatibility.

To make matters worse, there’s no great way of separating out the code we need for Internet Explorer fixes. It has to be loaded for all visitors, which means that the more support we provide for IE, the slower our sites are for everybody else unnecessarily.

Most of all, there’s just not that many people still using Internet Explorer. Usage hovers around 1-2% for our clients’ sites. When our clients hear those percentages and the costs associated with full support, we tend to agree that budget can be better spent elsewhere.

But, but, but…

Internet Explorer is my favorite browser and I’ve used it forever!

We are also creatures of habit – I’d be annoyed if my favorite tools stopped being supported too. Eventually though (2025), Internet Explorer is simply going to break and you’ll be forced to switch. If you switch now (written in 2020), you’ll have 5 years of experience on your new browser already and by flying through the internet!

I’m at a [school/company/library/etc.] and IE is all I have!

That’s a bummer, but it presents you with a great opportunity. You can be the hero to your [school/company/library/etc.] by convincing the powers at be to upgrade! That blog post above from the security chief at MICROSOFT might be convincing. Putting a modern browser on all of those computers will fix a ton of problems for everyone who uses them.

I read all that and I’m still ANGRY!

If you wanna be mad at anybody, be mad at Microsoft. I’ll never understand why they chose to release Edge (their new browser) as a separate program and not updating your Internet Explorer along with it, but it’s water under the bridge now.

The fact is, more and more sites are being built without Internet Explorer support, far beyond the ones we’re making. Do yourself a favor and take the plunge into a new browser today, before more and more of the internet breaks when you try to look at it. It’ll be a little unfamiliar at first, but we know you’ll get the hang of it before too long, and then you’ll be able to enjoy so many new experiences the internet has to offer!